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Quick and easy access to the crypto currency market!

With us you can very quickly and very easily participate in the crypto market. Without having to become an expert and without investing a lot of time. You simply authorize us to set up accounts for you and in your name at the trading platforms for crypto currencies for you. We will take care of setting up your accounts for you. You can then simply and conveniently make a bank transfer in euros to your own trading accounts at the trading platforms. Usually, you can already use your accounts on the next working day and buy the crypto currencies you want easily and conveniently.

Step 1

You authorize us to set up accounts for you and in your name with the crypto currency trading platforms.

Step 2

Once your accounts have been set up with the trading platforms, just transfer the amount you wish to transfer to your new account in Euro or Bitcoin.

Step 3

You buy the crypto currencies you want with the amount you have transferred to your account.

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Buy crypto currencies - simple!

You have already decided to buy crypto currencies. But you don't know what to do now? Our service reduces your effort to a minimum. On your behalf, we take over the setup of all accounts and accesses to the trading platforms on your behalf. All that remains for you to do is to instruct us to do this and to provide us with the data and documents required for the formalities and to transfer money to your newly set up accounts once the account setup has been completed.

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